21st Century Community Learing Center

21st Century
Sugar Creek has a 21st Century Afterschool Program each evening from 2:40 till 5:45.  We follow the regular school calendar.  Our program is for student registered at Sugar Creek in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade.  We also have a full day six week summer program.  During the summer we operate Monday through Thursday from 7:30 till 5:30.  
Students participate in various enrichment activities including but not limited to:  intervention w/ reading and math, STEM lessons, homework help, supper, physical education, club time, art projects, and crafts.  We have Cub Scouts, Garden Club, Nutrition, Technology, and science experiments.
Our focus is on enhancing the regular school day.  We would love to have your child join our 21st Century Program.  
Tammy Britton - Site Coordinator
LeAnna Craig - 21st Century Teacher 
Suzy Bates - 21st Century Teacher
Christy Johnson - 21st Century Teacher
Sentria Lowe - 21st Century Teacher
Adraina Craig - Student Assistant
Halie Tipper - Student Assistant
Taylor Kelly - Student Assistant